Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Long Silence…

This has been a busy summer, and I have been sadly lax about this blog. However, I’m planning on mending my ways.  I’m going to Spain next week and hope to have interesting things to post, both on the event I’m attending (a conference on Spanish Nativity figures) and Spanish life in general.

In the meantime, here’s a photograph of members of the St Augustine Archeological Association digging in front of the 18th century Cathedral building. We told the pastor that we were looking for change dropped by parishioners as they crossed the Plaza 200 years ago, but actually, we were looking for anything that indicated how the space had been used and what had been done to it over the years.

The Plaza is situated on a relative high point in St Augustine. It was the area of a Spanish settlement in the 16th century and became the town plaza as the settlement spread out around it.  It is the oldest European archeological feature in what is now the United States.