Thursday, March 19, 2009

Día de San José

Today, the Feast of St Joseph, is a favorite feast day among Spaniards. St Joseph is also one of my favorite saints. He is often shown with carpenter's tools and one of my best memories of the day is being in Cartagena one St Joseph's Day and seeing a procession of little boys bearing silver tools - not only for carpentry, but things like shovels and axes - as they marched behind a paso bearing a figure of St Joseph.

The San José you see in this photo is a sculpture by Pedro Roldán, the 17th century sculptor who was the father of the famous court sculptor, Luisa Roldán, known as "La Roldana."

This is the feast day of people named José, Josefina, etc. You may know a Pepe - his real name, of course, is José. San José, the stepfather of Jesus, was known in the Latin Missal as the "Padre Putativo" of Jesus, and often referred to with those initials, P.P. In Spanish, this is pronounced "pe pe," hence the name, Pepe.

Buñuelos are a traditional treat for this day in Spain. In some areas, they are similar to Italian zeppole, but I like the Madrid style, the buñuelo de viento, which is also traditional at All Saints Day. It is made of a batter similar to cream puff paste, fried so that it puffs up into little balls. These are then filled with pastry cream or whipped cream and sprinkled with sugar. Yum!